Third Network Picks Up Two Mikes

Today is the launch of our first day at the Black & White Network, with over "7 Million listeners worldwide"

Blacks and Whites network is a new, authentic news outlet and a growing network with show hosts Dan Perkins and Darrell Neely at the helm; after founding it in 2021.

Their vision catapulted the 100k listeners of their "Blacks and Whites" show, to 7 million listeners to their global network, because they filled a gap as they recognized that there was something missing for everyday Americans; "the need to connect to honest, concise, informative outlets to keep themselves and their family informed."

We are excited to jump on board and explore being part of their network, and we hope you enjoy our upcoming shows there.

This will be the third network that picks up the Two Mikes, and we aim to keep expanding our show globally in order to continue to push out the message of "The Best Patriotic Show in USA".

You can check us out on their website:

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